EI’s Solution Focused Certification & Professional Development Programs:

Are you interested in the theory, practice or supervision needed to become a competent Solution Focused Exemplar, Coach or Certified Practitioner?  Have you been trained in Solution Focused (SF) methods for your job or profession, but would enjoy additional skill development or supervision? EI will be providing multiple learning environment and resources to develop skills in SF methods and applications.

Many of the most effective corporate or internally driven coaching, supervision and motivational interviewing programs contain SF techniques and processes. Competently trained Coaches, Employee Assistance Program and Human Resource practitioners, who use this approach, find it effective, efficient and truly client or employee focused. In turn, using SF techniques and processes, leads to greater likelihood that goals agreed to by the client or employee will be acted upon. This evidenced based model is easily integrated into various types of applications.

EI provides learning opportunities for those interested in receiving SF training, practice and supervision. Services are delivered by certified and experienced practitioners and by way of multiple learning formats. For more information, please contact:


Environment: It Takes a Village

Can we make a positive difference or impact on our environment? Are we prepared to try something different to help out?  There is no time like the present to step up and make a difference, big or small. We can recycle our paper cup, use less plastic for packaging, turn off lights and down thermostats  or manage our accumulated waste. Its not to late to do something, yet.

Are there some of us that might consider living our lives in a different or simpler way that might lead to an increase in cooperation and sensitivity to our planet.  EI wants to contribute by accumulating information for free access by others and to explore the development of types of E.F.V. or an  Environmentally Friendly Village.

Taken From Tumbleweed Tiny House Co

Taken From Tumbleweed Tiny House Co

EI has launched a new Facebook page, focused on environmental issues. Anyone interested in providing information or forming interest groups around developing an Environmentally Friendly Village are welcome to promote their interest in the EI Facebook page or contact EI at:

Further, those with special expertise and knowledge in environment issues pertaining to the development of a sustainable and regenerative community, please contact EI with any links or information, so we can include these as a resource to others. Check out EI’s

Ever have questions that seem more existential, philosophical or spiritual in nature? Wish there was a place you could go to consider creative and differing ideas? If that’s true for you, then give a try and send us your thoughts and articles to:



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